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Recipe Codes Company

Recipe Codes is a leading Egyptian company in the field of designing and programming websites and mobile applications. Established in 2019 to provide all programming and marketing services with the latest technologies and the highest possible quality. We own a whole big team with a high level of experience ready to present creative and technical solutions to help reaching the customer’s goals. Our Services vary from websites and applications programming, hosting services, e-marketing, and creating full brand identities.

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Our Services

Websites and applications development

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Search Engine Optimization

We can help you outrank your competitors in the search results. This is by improving your site's ranking on Google to increase the free traffic that enables you to convert visitors / potential customers into real customers.

التسويق عبر منصات التواصل الاجتماعي SMM​
Social Media Marketing

You can reach all your potential customers that are interested in your business and the services you provide with the lowest possible cost, wherever they are! through well-studied e-marketing strategies, you will achieve rapid spread and build a lasting relationship with customers.

كتابة المحتوى الرقمي Content Creation​
Digital Content Creation

Writing creative content is a very important element to attract more customers and build a strong relationship with them. It is the best way to express the nature of your brand.

Websites and applications development

برمجة المواقع الالكترونية Website Development​
Website Development

Create a website for your company so that you can reach the largest number of potential customers and become competitive in the market. Get a professional design that is responsive to different devices now

خدمات الاستضافة والدومين Hosting & Domain​
Hosting & Domain Services

Enhance your online presence with a fast and secure hosting service for your website where you can display and publish your website to the users easily and quickly.

برمجة تطبيقات الهاتف App Developments​
Software applications Developments

Now your brand can be there inside all kinds of Mobile phones and reach all customers categories by designing a mobile application. This will make your brand easier to access as we are now in the age of the mobile phone.

Creative Design

ما هي صفحات الهبوط Landing Page​
Design Landing Pages

Create your own landing page for your website in order to create advertising and marketing campaigns. It will help you to display your business data, and to offer promotions for many customers.

تصميم الإعلانات الإبداعية Creative Design​
Design Creative Ads

You can choose your suitable printing designs, or we can help with the choice too. If you own a startup, organization or any kind of business, make sure to create the best printings as it’s an essential part of your marketing process.

تصميم الهويات البصرية Branding & Identity​
Branding & Identity designs

Your brand identity is what lives in your customers minds, so make sure to design a creative brand identity for your company to enhance your image. Get your company's visual identity designed in a creative and professional way.