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What is a web hosting service?

Web hosting is a service that allows you to publish your site to users on the Internet quickly. Web hosting is also one of the essential services for companies and business owners to be able to reach their target audience easily.

Web hosting prices vary according to the plans offered by the hosting companies, you can buy the right plan for your business depending on your needs, the size of your business, the amount of information you want to display, and the rate of visits that will occur on your site.

The importance of choosing a fast hosting service for your site

سهولة وصول العملاء والزوار لموقعك.​

Ease of access for customers and visitors to your site

بناء تجربة مستخدم قوية مع العملاء.​​

Building a strong user experience with customers

التصدر في نتائج محركات البحث.​​

Leading in search engine results

Increase your profit and your customers

Increase your profit and your customers

Hosting service for your online business

We at Recipe Codes offer you all different web hosting services to meet all your needs. Choose the right plan for you, and discover more exclusive features for you.

Learn about the web hosting different types

Get the right hosting service for your business with just a click of a button! Start achieving success anytime, anywhere.

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting

Try one of the most important economic solutions that you can use at the beginning of your business. Do you need a fast, secure and easy site to use! This is exactly what we offer you, reasonable prices and excellent services around the clock

Hosting reseller
Reseller Hosting

Get your own space on the web server, and start creating success! Reseller hosting enables you to host your site or more than one site for your business in one place, in your own space of the web, and take advantage of the various features, manage all your sites now in one place.


Make your site super fast
and affordable at the same time! By purchasing shared servers, you have a high-performance virtual server and advanced hardware specifications. If you are looking for rapid growth for your business, you need a distinguished service.

Shared Hosting
Dedicated Servers

Get the best performance ever with full servers! When your site is large you need a more advanced hosting service! To suit the volume of visits and operations on the site, so choose the full servers service now and enjoy managing your site more efficiently and with greater proficiency.

Why to choose web hosting services at Recipe Codes

نملك ما تحتاج إليه لتحقق نجاحك!​

We have what you need to achieve your success!

We are here to work for you! We offer you all the possibilities and practical experience to fit your site on the internet effortlessly, we guarantee you the highest efficiency to achieve the highest growth in record time .

الجودة أولا! فهي عنوان نجاحك ونجاحنا​​

Quality first! It is the title of your success and ours

You may have had a bad experience before! Now, rest assured, we work around the clock for your site. Reaching your goals quickly and easily is our desire.​

نعمل لنجاحك مهما كان حجم عملك!​​

We work for your success, whatever the size of your business!

We provide a full package of professional services and solutions with high expertise to serve you, all of our services are compatible with all business categories, do not worry! Whether your business is small or large, you will find the right choice.​

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